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Covenant Global delivers insight, guidance, and  management for your businesses technology.

Knowing what you own, how it is used, and what you pay for it is critical to managing your business technology.

Covenant Global assesses and audits the following business technologies, and more, so you can more effectively budget for and manage your technology.


Microsoft 365 Security and Usage Hardware and Software Inventory
Azure, AWS, and Google Infrastructure IT Infrastructure
Voice, Mobile, and Internet Services Regulatory Compliance
Cloud IAAS and Licensing Costs Endpoint Lifecycle Management


Aligning your business operations with technology, and regulatory requirements can be a daunting task.

Covenant Global comes along side your business to

> Develop strategic technology plans and budgets.
> Implement Lifecycle management of computers, servers and mobile devices.
> Manage Telecommunications, IAAS, and Cloud Licensing Expenses (TEM/CEM)
> Attain and Maintaining regulatory compliance.
> Harden IAAS and Microsoft 365 Security for user identities, devices and data.
> perform Cloud Migrations to enable your remote work force.
> Manage or Co-Manage any or all of your IT.


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