Celebrating Freedom and Cybersecurity

Covenant Global’s Guide to a Safe Independence Day

As we at Covenant Global prepare to celebrate Independence Day, we’re reminded that freedom extends beyond our national liberties and includes our digital freedom.

Our President, Tim Choquette, emphasizes this point:

“While we celebrate our independence, we must remember that true freedom in today’s world includes digital security. Holidays often see a spike in cyber threats as people let their guard down. At Covenant Global, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients’ online freedom is protected 365 days a year, allowing them to enjoy peace of mind during celebrations and beyond. This Independence Day, let’s champion both our national liberty and our digital security.”

While you’re planning your barbecues and fireworks, we want to ensure your online world stays secure. After all, cybercriminals don’t take holidays off.

The Digital Battlefield

With billions of users and websites constantly sharing information, the digital landscape is like a battlefield where cybercriminals are always on the prowl. At Covenant Global, we’ve seen firsthand how evolving malware strategies and sophisticated attack methods can threaten even the most robust systems. But don’t worry – awareness is the first step towards better cybersecurity, and you’re already on the right path.

From Awareness to Action

As IT professionals, we at Covenant Global know that humans are often the weakest link in cybersecurity. That’s why we’re committed to not just providing top-notch IT solutions but also to educating our clients. Here are some key steps we recommend to move from cyber-aware to cyber-secure:

  • Physical Security: Cybercrime can start offline. Secure your devices and sensitive documents, even during holiday celebrations.
  • Robust Anti-virus Protection: Invest in advanced solutions tackling known and emerging threats.
  • Password Protocol: Create strong, unique passwords for each account. It’s a simple yet effective defense.
  • Stay Updated: Those software updates might seem annoying, but they’re crucial for patching security vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals often exploit these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to your system, so staying updated is a simple yet effective way to keep them at bay.

Holidays: Prime Time for Cyber Attacks

At Covenant Global, we’ve noticed a trend of increased cyber attacks during holidays. With more people shopping online, browsing, and connecting virtually with loved ones, the opportunities for cybercriminals multiply. Be extra vigilant during this time. This Independence Day, as you celebrate the freedoms we cherish as a nation, let Covenant Global help you protect your digital freedoms, too. Our team of IT experts is always here to provide the support and solutions you need to stay secure in an ever-evolving digital world.

Introducing Fortify: Your Shield in the Digital Age

To further enhance your cybersecurity, we’re proud to offer Fortify, our cutting-edge solution for small and medium businesses using Microsoft 365. Fortify provides comprehensive security coverage, including:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Data Loss Protection (DLP)
  • Compliance expertise (NIST 800-171, CMMC, CJIS, HIPAA)
  • Ongoing support and monitoring

With Fortify, you can secure your data, meet compliance requirements, and stay ahead of cyber threats. It’s like declaring independence from digital vulnerabilities.

Download Our One Pager

With Fortify, you can secure your data, meet compliance requirements, and stay ahead of cyber threats. It’s like declaring independence from digital vulnerabilities. Click here to download and start redefining your defense journey with confidence.

Remember, at Covenant Global, we believe that true freedom includes peace of mind about your digital security. So fire up the grill, enjoy the fireworks, and rest easy knowing your cybersecurity is in good hands with solutions like Fortify.

Interested in fortifying your digital defenses? Contact us for a free assessment.

Happy Independence Day from all of us at Covenant Global! Stay safe, both offline and online.

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