Meet Our June Employee Spotlight, Travis Rickford

At Covenant Global, we take immense pride in celebrating the exceptional talent within our team. This month, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Travis Rickford, our dedicated and accomplished Strategic Account Executive. With an impressive 18-year journey within the Microsoft Ecosystem, Travis brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization.

With 18 years in the Microsoft Ecosystem, Travis brings vast experience to our organization. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Valley City State University and has excelled in roles from support to sales. Complemented by a HarvardX certification in Exercising Leadership, Travis is committed to continuous learning. He is known for his effective communication, sales processes, and CRM proficiency. His strategic go-to-market implementations have driven client success, earning him the Dynamics POTY award for closing a significant deal, highlighting his dedication and excellence.

Travis has been pivotal in securing key deals and expanding Covenant Global’s reach. Learn more about his journey and contributions in his video spotlight below!

I’ve worked in various tech roles over the years, gaining hands-on experience with AI and cloud technologies. This journey has equipped me with a broad perspective and a deep understanding of how these technologies can be leveraged effectively.

Copilot is a powerful tool that assists users in coding by providing intelligent suggestions and automating repetitive tasks. It’s designed to enhance productivity and reduce the cognitive load on developers, allowing them to focus on more complex problem-solving.

AI is revolutionizing the workplace by automating routine tasks, improving data analysis, and enhancing collaboration. With Microsoft 365, AI-driven features like predictive text and intelligent search help users work smarter, not harder. This transformation leads to greater efficiency and more innovative workflows.

I expect to see more integration of AI in everyday tools, making technology more intuitive and accessible. In cloud computing, advancements in security and compliance will be critical, ensuring that as we move more data and operations to the cloud, they remain safe and regulated.

Stay curious and never stop learning. The tech field is always evolving, so it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends and continuously build your skillset. Networking and finding mentors can also provide valuable guidance and opportunities.

Travis is in a light blue polo shirt and white shorts kneels on a dock, smiling at the camera. He has tattoos on his arms and is accompanied by a brown dog, which he gently holds. The background features a serene lake.

Cheers to Our Spotlight Star!

Thank you, Travis Rickford, for your exceptional contributions to Covenant Global. As our Strategic Account Executive, your efforts in securing pivotal deals and expanding our global presence have been invaluable. Your unwavering dedication to helping customers and partners achieve their digital transformation goals truly inspires us all.

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