Microsoft is Removing Natural Language Search from Microsoft 365: Here’s Why

In a move that has piqued the interest of many in the tech community, Microsoft is removing Natural Language Search from Microsoft 365. This decision might seem puzzling at first, but it aligns with the ongoing evolution of search technologies.

The Evolution of Search

Search technology has significantly transformed over the years. It began with pattern-based (keyword) search, moved to Natural Language Processing (NLP), and is now progressing towards Generative AI (GenAI) or semantic search. GenAI systems, which encompass both keyword and natural language search, are the next frontier in this evolution.

Microsoft’s Strategic Move

Microsoft’s decision to phase out Natural Language Search in favor of building a semantic index for all Microsoft 365 tenants makes perfect sense, especially in the context of their #Copilot for Microsoft 365. Previously, adding a #Copilot license to your Microsoft 365 tenant initiated the creation of a semantic index specific to your tenant. This process was even visible through a status indicator in the admin console, which Microsoft has since removed.

To provide all customers with the immediate benefits of #Copilot, Microsoft is now building the semantic index for all 365 tenants, regardless of whether they have a Copilot license. Removing the natural language search engine is a logical step to streamline this transition. Consequently, every Microsoft 365 tenant will benefit from a semantic index-based search engine, not just those with Copilot.

Indicators from Bing Search

This shift is further evidenced by developments in #Bing search. Today, Bing not only delivers traditional search results but also provides GenAI search responses from #Copilot. This indicates the broader evolution of search technologies. Expect to see similar advancements across all search engines and even in your favorite social media applications.

Implications for Smart Home Systems

Looking ahead, imagine how smart home systems like #Amazon #Alexa will transform with GenAI systems compared to the current machine learning engines. The potential for more intelligent and intuitive interactions is immense.

Stay Informed

Search and smart device interactions are changing as we know them. To glimpse what the near future holds, watch the #OpenAI keynote on #ChatGPT4.

Check out this ChatGPT 4 demo video clip on YouTube and read the Microsoft administration announcement on the removal of the natural language search engine from Microsoft 365.

Stay tuned for more updates on how these advancements will shape our digital interactions.

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