Covenant Global Expands Operations to Canadian Partnership with QuickTech

Release Date: March 5, 2024

Strategic Move to Enhance Cloud, Cybersecurity and Compliance Services in North America

Vancouver, BC, March 5, 2024 Covenant Global expands operations to the Canadian market, establishing a new base of operations in Vancouver, British Columbia. This strategic venture aims to bolster support for Microsoft, Covenant Global’s premier partner in North America, and enhance the delivery of cloud-based services and cybersecurity solutions across the region.

The decision to expand operations to Canada was catalyzed by the need to create a seamless transnational service for clients engaged in cloud transactions and to provide robust cybersecurity across borders. Recognizing the intricate relationship between the US and Canadian markets, Covenant Global has facilitated a unique exchange program with Microsoft representatives, leading to dynamic cross-border expertise in both the United States and Canada.

Covenant Global Canada, in partnership with the esteemed local firm Quicktech, led by Dustin Cessar, marks a significant milestone in Covenant Global’s growth. This collaboration not only strengthens the company’s footprint in North America but also assists QuickTech in extending its services to the US, benefiting from Covenant Global’s established US designation.

The focus of Covenant Global Canada will primarily be on cloud services, encompassing Microsoft 365 and Azure licenses, initially serving clients in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Pacific Coastal Region. With this foundation in place, Covenant Global will extend its reach throughout all Canadian provinces.

Tim Choquette, President, Covenant Global

This expansion embodies Covenant Global’s dedication as a woman—and minority-owned enterprise to offering comprehensive and integrated cloud, cybersecurity, and compliance services. Our identity enriches our mission, bringing diverse perspectives and fostering inclusivity in technology solutions. We uniquely position ourselves to understand and meet the varied needs of our clients, ensuring we deliver unparalleled value across borders and continue our pursuit of excellence in the IT industry.

For more information about Covenant Global and its services, please contact:

Melissa Swann

Marketing Director

Covenant Global

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About Covenant Global
Covenant Global, a woman-owned and minority business, excels in providing cloud and cybersecurity solutions.

With a motto of “Cloud • Cybersecurity • Compliance,” we are committed to leading businesses through digital transformation and focusing on being the foremost authority in cloud, cybersecurity, and compliance solutions. We want to create a world where businesses thrive in a secure, agile, and compliant environment, free from digital risks and uncertainties, by providing innovative technology services and solutions tailored to your needs with global consulting, management, support, and customer service.

Our approach is centered on empowering people, boosting productivity, and enhancing security. We offer innovative solutions like Fortify, CSP Manage and SkyDesk365, and our expertise spans major cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, and GCP. Our comprehensive services range from managed and consulting services to cloud migration, licensing, compliance, and cybersecurity assessments, catering to sectors like healthcare, finance, government, sports and more. Integrity, customer focus, adaptability, and innovation drive us to be leaders in our field, inviting organizations to partner with us for a secure and productive digital future.

About QuickTech

QuickTech is a Vancouver-based IT firm renowned for its customer-centric approach and comprehensive tech solutions. With a focus on agility and reliability, QuickTech has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimize their IT infrastructure.

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