Making Teams Meetings a Breeze with Copilot

Hey there! Remember when we dived into how Copilot in Teams was changing the game for meetings? Well, strap in because we’re about to take that a notch higher. If you thought keeping up with meetings was a game-changer, wait until you see what we’ve cooked up for round two.

New Tricks Up Our Sleeve

Copilot isn’t just sitting back after our last chat; it’s learning new tricks to make our meetings not just bearable but actually pretty awesome. Here’s the scoop on what’s new:

  • No Question Left Behind: Ever felt like some questions just got lost in the shuffle? Copilot’s now on it, making sure every curiosity finds its answer.
  • Quick Catchups on Projects: “So, where are we on the project?” Copilot’s got that answer ready before you even finish asking.

Getting the Ball Rolling

Getting back into the swing of things with Copilot in Teams is as easy as pie. Just tap that Copilot icon and let the magic happen. Need a quick update, or are you wondering what you missed? Copilot’s got your back with prompts like:

  • “Give me the recap on today’s meeting.”
  • “What are my action items from this week.”
  • “What’s the team feeling about the new project pitch?”

Dive Deeper and Do More

  • Figure Out the Vibe: Get the gist of what everyone’s thinking with even less effort.
  • Sort Out What’s What: Zero in on the important tasks and get cracking on what needs your attention.
  • Ideas on the Scale: Got a new idea? Copilot can help weigh it up, showing you all sides of the coin.

Real Talk

Imagine you’re swamped and just can’t make it to the next meeting on time. No sweat. Copilot can fill you in on what you missed, point out your next moves, and even decode that one point you didn’t quite catch. It’s like having a meeting whisperer right in your pocket.

Watch how Copilot makes meetings easier.

Each brief video shows a simple tip to get Copilot working alongside you right now.

Discern opinions quickly
Summarize perspectives expressed during meetings.

Get meeting overviews
Organize meeting action items so you can get to what’s important quickly.

Evaluate new ideas
Use Copilot to weigh the pros and cons of new suggestions brought up in conversations.

Get caught up quickly.
Ask Copilot simple, open-ended questions. What decisions have been made so far?

Ask better questions
Generate a list of insightful questions to ask people.

What’s Next? Inbox Zen with Copilot in Outlook

Our journey doesn’t stop here. Next up, we’re tackling the beast that is your inbox. “Copilot in Outlook: Reduce Inbox Stress and Improved Email Efficiency” is coming up, and trust me, it’s going to be a game-changer.

So, there you have it.

Meetings no longer have to be the bane of your existence. With Copilot in Teams, you’re not just keeping up; you’re setting the pace. Say goodbye to pre-meeting jitters and post-meeting catchups. It’s time to make meetings—and work life—work for you. Keep an eye out for our next adventure with Copilot in Outlook, and let’s make every part of our workday a little bit easier.

10 Copilot Prompts

Ready to level up?

Grab our “10 Advanced Prompts to Try with Copilot” guide. It’s packed with ways to get even more out of Copilot, turning good prompts into gold. And don’t skip our quick tutorial video—it’s your ticket to getting Copilot to work its magic for you, right now.

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