NerdioCon2024: One Team, One Dream, One Covenant!

Bringing the power of tech and teamwork to Punta Cana! Our team representing at NerdioCon with smiles as bright as the Caribbean sun.
Bringing the power of tech and teamwork to Punta Cana! Our team representing at NerdioCon with smiles as bright as the Caribbean sun.

Forging Unity at NerdioCon2024: Embracing a Shared Vision

From sun-kissed shores to insightful sessions, our Covenant Tech & Covenant Global team at NerdioCon2024 was a powerhouse of learning, connection, and action! When asked to encapsulate the essence of the conference with a single word, our team responded with: Unity, Community, Connection, Inspirational, Breathtaking, Educational, and Enlightening. This diversity of impressions highlights the profound impact NerdioCon2024 had on everyone involved.

Gearing up for success with double the expertise and double the determination! Covenant Global and Covenant Tech teams unite for a powerhouse collaboration at NerdioCon2024

Fueling Innovation & Building Bridges

Knowledge-packed sessions: We dove deep into:

AI & Managed Services

The session on AI & Managed Services delved into the evolving customer landscape shaped by AI. It explored ways for managed service providers to strengthen client relationships and seize new service opportunities.

Marketing for MSPs:

Sivan Shachnovitz, Executive Thought Leader, equipped attendees with the power of video marketing, offering practical tips on creating client-converting videos using readily available tools.

Conquering peaks and pushing limits: Erwin Visser braves the snow to reach new heights.

Climbing Everest

Finding Balance

Inspired by Erwin Visser personal journey to the summit, this session explored the importance of enjoying the journey, navigating challenges, and achieving goals.

Valuable Connections

From industry leaders to existing partners, we built a strong network, paving the way for collaboration and growth.

Knowledge-packed sessions: We dove deep into:

Nerdio CEO Update

Hearing directly from Vadim Vladimirskiy and Joseph Landes gave us valuable insights into Nerdio’s future and upcoming announcements.

Strategic Partnerships

Meetings with Jon Murchison, Amanda Chino and MacKenzie Brown from Blackpoint Cyber strengthened our security posture while collaborating with the Nerdio Enterprise team, Colleen Herbert and Pete Langas, offered new ways to leverage their solutions.

This candid photograph shows Covenant team members discussing business strategy with our business partners.
Strategizing success with our valued partners!

Sharing Our Success

We proudly showcased how Nerdio’s solutions boosted our business, morale, and efficiencies in a video testimonial with Kara Swanson, inspiring others and solidifying our partnership.

This photograph shows the President and CEO of Covenant Global at a strategy meeting with team members.
At the helm: Covenant Global’s President and CEO leading strategy discussions with the team.

This wasn’t just a conference; it was a testament to the power of unity, collaboration, and a shared dream. As Covenant Tech and Covenant Global, we stand together, empowered by the knowledge and connections gained in Punta Cana. The future is bright, and we’re ready to conquer it together!

This photograph shows a happy team group. It's not a stock image. It's being used to give the impression that the Covenant Global team is united and ready to take action on their next challenge.
Unified and ready: The Covenant Global team stands together, poised to tackle their next challenge head-on.

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