Three go-to Copilot prompts to enhance productivity and prioritization

As 2024 races ahead, Microsoft has made a significant stride by making Copilot available to organizations of every size and type. Amidst this development, the insights from Jared Spataro, the Corporate Vice President of Modern Work at Microsoft, prove invaluable. Spataro shares his three go-to Copilot prompts for staying organized and managing his workload efficiently.

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Three Go-To Copilot Prompts

1. Mastering the Email Avalanche

Copilot for Outlook

Returning from a two-week hiatus at the end of the year, Spataro was greeted by an overwhelming influx of emails. His first move? Asking Copilot to sift through and summarize the crucial contents of his inbox. Not only did he request a summary, but he also instructed Copilot to arrange these summaries in a prioritized list. This list detailed the importance of each item and suggested the next steps. This approach allows Spataro to quickly capture what he missed and determine how to tackle each issue effectively.

2. Evaluating Time Allocation

metrics on Copilot productivity

To maintain a strategic focus on his roles and responsibilities, Spataro periodically reviews how he spends his time. Every month, he prompts Copilot to analyze his calendar from the past several weeks and categorize his activities. Copilot then presents these categories with brief descriptions and the approximate percentage of time spent on each. This not only helps him ensure his efforts are aligned with what’s most impactful but also advises on potential adjustments to his priorities. It’s a reflective exercise that reinforces his commitment to productivity and impact.

3. Streamlining Communication and Decision-Making

Copilot in Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint

In a role that involves frequent meetings, the ability to disseminate information swiftly and is crucial. Spataro uses Copilot to generate concise summaries of meetings, highlighting key decisions and pending tasks. These summaries are structured in bullet points for clarity and efficiency. Furthermore, Copilot assists in maintaining momentum on projects by setting up follow-up meetings, ensuring that all team members are aligned and informed.

Through these practices, Jared Spataro not only enhances his productivity but also leverages Copilot to handle routine tasks, thereby freeing up time to focus on strategic initiatives. This transformation in workflow demonstrates the significant advantages of integrating AI tools like Copilot into everyday work processes.

As Copilot continues to evolve, Spataro’s experiences underscore its potential to revolutionize modern work environments. His enthusiasm for others to embrace this technology reflects a promising horizon for productivity and workplace efficiency. Microsoft Copilot isn’t just a tool; it’s becoming a fundamental aspect of how modern work gets done, enabling professionals like Spataro to excel and innovate.

Implementing Microsoft Copilot with Covenant Global: Secure, Efficient, and Ready for the Future

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Tailored Implementation and Security Assessment

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Whether you’re looking to streamline communication, enhance productivity, or secure your data, Covenant Global is your partner in navigating the modern workplace’s challenges. Let us help you harness the power of Microsoft Copilot to transform your organization.

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Download Our One-Pager for Essential Tips

To aid in your journey, we’ve prepared a detailed one-pager filled with essential dos and don’ts when using Copilot prompts. This resource is designed to help your team quickly adapt to the tool and avoid common pitfalls, ensuring a seamless integration into your daily workflows.

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