About Us

As your dedicated cloud, cybersecurity, and compliance partner, we commit to ensuring your business remains happy and productive, safeguarding your information from cyber threats, and embracing emerging technologies. Our deep understanding of your business operations allows us to align the perfect technology solutions that fit your business needs and how your employees work.

Why Covenant Global?

Choosing Covenant Global as your Preferred Licensing / Billing Partner offers unparalleled advantages. Our team’s intimate collaboration with Microsoft across many industry sectors ensures your solutions gain extensive exposure and rapid adoption.

With our deep-rooted connections within Microsoft and channel distributors and our profound knowledge of Microsoft offerings, we leverage these relationships to maximize your business’s benefits. Our strategy focuses on building scalable, repeatable offers for each business segment, driving rapid adoption and fostering long-term growth.

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Covenant Global’s Mission, Vision, and Purpose

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  • Mission Statement: To be the foremost authority in cloud, cybersecurity, and compliance solutions.
  • Vision Statement: Creating a world where businesses thrive in a secure, agile, and compliant environment, free from digital risks and uncertainties.
  • Purpose Statement: Offering innovative technology services and solutions tailored to your needs, with global consulting, management, support, and customer service.

Our Covenants

Our covenants are more than agreements; they are our sacred oaths to our clients, partners, companies, and people. These covenants underline our commitment to building trust-based relationships that foster secure, compliant and thriving organizations. From prioritizing client needs and partnering with best-in-class vendors to nurturing our people’s growth and instilling pride in our collective achievements, our covenants guide every aspect of our operations.

Let’s Thrive Together

At Covenant Global, we aim to help your business thrive in a secure, agile, and compliant environment. Join us on this journey to success, driven by integrity, innovation, and a shared vision for a safer digital world.

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