Understanding copilot's Potential hand reaching for a lock

AI & Data Security: Understanding Copilot’s Potential

In an ever-evolving digital landscape where AI and machine learning are revolutionizing the way we work, the insights from thought leaders like Mike Hughes are invaluable. Mike’s knowledge is unsurpassed in cloud architecture and digital transformation, and his deep dive into the intricacies of Microsoft 365’s Copilot —its benefits, security protocols, and governance structures—offers a […]

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Navigating the Interplay of Security and Compliance

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, understanding the delicate dance between security and compliance is essential for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) striving to protect their clients’ interests. And what better way to gain insights than from industry veteran Shel Philips? In a recent podcast episode, he didn’t just scratch the surface; he dove deep into

Three go-to Copilot prompts to enhance productivity and prioritization

As 2024 races ahead, Microsoft has made a significant stride by making Copilot available to organizations of every size and type. Amidst this development, the insights from Jared Spataro, the Corporate Vice President of Modern Work at Microsoft, prove invaluable. Spataro shares his three go-to Copilot prompts for staying organized and managing his workload efficiently.

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges

In the dynamic entrepreneurship landscape, every step forward is met with a unique set of challenges. At Covenant Global, we understand the journey’s uncertainties and the importance of equipping businesses with the right tools to thrive amidst adversity. Join us as we explore a transformative story that underscores the significance of productivity tools in overcoming

mastering Copilot in Teams

Making Teams Meetings a Breeze with Copilot

Hey there! Remember when we dived into how Copilot in Teams was changing the game for meetings? Well, strap in because we’re about to take that a notch higher. If you thought keeping up with meetings was a game-changer, wait until you see what we’ve cooked up for round two. New Tricks Up Our Sleeve

NerdioCon24 Group Photo of the Covenant Global team

NerdioCon2024: One Team, One Dream, One Covenant!

Forging Unity at NerdioCon2024: Embracing a Shared Vision From sun-kissed shores to insightful sessions, our Covenant Tech & Covenant Global team at NerdioCon2024 was a powerhouse of learning, connection, and action! When asked to encapsulate the essence of the conference with a single word, our team responded with: Unity, Community, Connection, Inspirational, Breathtaking, Educational, and

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