SkyDesk 365

Empower Your Workforce, Anywhere, Any Time

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Imagine a future where your employees:

  • Boost productivity by 15% with seamless access to their desktops and applications from any device, anywhere in the world.1
  • Reduce data breaches by 20% with advanced security features and compliance-first practices.2
  • Cut IT costs by 30% by eliminating the need for expensive on-premises infrastructure.3
  1. Gartner, “Remote Work Trends 2023: The Future of Work is Hybrid,” September 2022.
  2. IBM Security, “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023,” July 2023.
  3. McKinsey & Company, “The Future of Cloud: How Businesses Are Embracing the Cloud,” 2022.

Stop struggling with outdated desktop solutions.

Traditional setups restrict your team’s mobility, hinder collaboration, and drain your budget. SkyDesk 365 leverages the power of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365 Cloud PCs to deliver a secure, flexible, and cost-effective workspace solution that empowers your workforce, regardless of location or device.

More Than Just a Platform

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  • Secure Desktop Experience: SkyDesk 365 adapts to your needs, providing a secure desktop environment for all users, including high-demand applications.
  • Unmatched Data Protection: Benefit from advanced threat prevention, backup, and failover capabilities for complete peace of mind.
  • Empowered Productivity: Access to Microsoft Office suite, mobile apps, and online collaboration tools keeps your team productive and connected.

Beyond Technology, We Deliver Value

  • Expert Guidance: Our certified specialists tailor solutions to your unique needs, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the cloud.
  • End-to-End Support: We provide comprehensive support throughout your journey, from migration to ongoing management and optimization.
  • Innovation Focus: We stay ahead of the curve, developing cutting-edge solutions and leveraging the latest advancements in cloud technology.
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Ready to unlock the potential of a modern workspace?

Contact Covenant Global today for a free consultation. Let’s discuss your unique challenges and show you how SkyDesk 365 can empower your workforce, enhance security, and drive business growth.

Why Choose Covenant Global?

  • Proven Track Record: We have a successful history of helping businesses transition to the cloud, delivering tangible results and exceeding expectations.
  • Strategic Alliances: Our partnerships with industry leaders ensure you have access to a broader range of solutions and expertise.
  • CMMC 2.1 Compliant: Trust our accredited services for your security and compliance needs.
  • Innovative Solutions: Access bespoke products like Fortify and SkyDesk365, tailored to bolster your security posture and enhance your cloud experience.
  • Multi-cloud Mastery: We have expertise across platforms like GCP and AWS, helping you navigate the ever-evolving cloud landscape.
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