Ben Jastram is our April Employee Spotlight

We’re shining a spotlight on Ben Jastram, a standout talent at Covenant Global!

Meet Ben – Driving Growth & Innovation as our Strategic Account Director

With over eight years of experience in business development and cloud sales, Ben isn’t just passionate about guiding clients on their digital transformation journeys – he consistently exceeds expectations in doing so. As our Strategic Account Director, Ben plays a vital role in our energetic team. He’s dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions and services to top-tier organizations around the globe.

Ben’s efforts have been instrumental in forging pivotal deals and expanding Covenant Global’s influence across multiple sectors. Dive deeper into Ben’s story and his remarkable contributions – check out his video spotlight below! 👇

Could you share some insights into your current role and responsibilities?

I’m the Strategic Account Director here at Covenant Global. What does that mean? I’m the go-to person for our commercial and enterprise clients, handling everything IT and Cloud-related—whether it’s Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, or security solutions. Plus, part of my role involves collaborating with our wonderful leadership team. Together, we navigate the exciting twists and turns of the tech world, strategizing for what’s next with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and more!

How long have you been working at Covenant?

I’ve been with Covenant Global since around middle to late last summer, so it’s been almost a year now! Prior to this, I’ve spent about 8-9 years in the IT industry. My journey began as one of Microsoft’s first Azure inside sales reps, based in the chilly yet friendly state of North Dakota, up in Fargo. Let me tell you, those Fargo winters aren’t for the faint-hearted – we’re talking temperatures hitting a bone-chilling -62 degrees one day! Needless to say, I eventually traded the cold for the warmth of Dallas, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders. My tech journey kicked off at Microsoft, where I learned the ropes. Before joining, my tech skills were limited to simultaneously opening a PowerPoint document and working on a project with someone else. Talk about a learning curve! But it opened doors for me to connect with others in the industry, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

What aspect of your job do you currently find most rewarding?

What excites me about my role is the opportunity to collaborate with larger companies. When significant events occur, whether they make headlines or go viral, positive or negative, it’s fascinating to see how we can respond. Working closely with our sales and leadership teams, as well as our distributors and partners, involves coordinating various moving parts.
But the best part is when we introduce innovative projects to our clients and transform their approach to IT. As an IT company, we aim to be a supportive partner, making their lives easier. While we handle the behind-the-scenes technicalities, they can focus on what truly matters to them – their core business. It’s all about streamlining operations and enhancing their overall efficiency.

– VP of Global Strategy, David Wright

What does a typical day outside of the office look like for you?

Thank you, Ben Jastram, for your outstanding contributions to Covenant Global’s team. As our Strategic Account Director, you’ve played a key role in securing game-changing deals and expanding our global presence. Your dedication and commitment to helping customers and partners achieve their digital transformation goals are impressive.

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