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Highlights from the Ingram Micro Microsoft AI Empower Summit in San Diego

Wow, the AI Empower Summit hosted by Ingram Micro and Microsoft in San Diego was not just enlightening—it was a blast! Besides diving deep into the latest in tech, like Microsoft 365 Copilot and Dynamics 365, I got to soak up the beautiful San Diego scenery, even though the weather was on the cooler side. Nothing a good jacket couldn’t handle!

Due to a knee injury, I was hobbling around with a crutch, but everyone was incredibly accommodating, which added to the experience. It’s funny how a crutch can turn into a conversation starter! It was fantastic meeting new friends and connecting with people like Abby Hanson, John Turk, Eddie Campbell, Rodel Alejo, Stephanie Wolanine, Belen Tamayo V., Jeffrey Alicoate, Kara Kolden, and so many more whose insights and enthusiasm were infectious. The camaraderie made navigating the venue and the information overload more enjoyable.

The discussions on expanding partnerships and leveraging AI tools like Microsoft 365 Copilot and Dynamics 365 were spot on. These aren’t just futuristic concepts but practical solutions we can use right now to enhance our operations. Dynamics 365 and Copilot for Sales, for instance, are total game-changers for anyone in sales or CRM—imagine having an AI sidekick to handle the mundane so you can focus on closing deals!

Real-world applications of AI have shown impressive results. For instance, AI tools have increased meeting efficiency by 84% and reduced email handling by 64%! And wait! There’s more. Companies such as American Airlines have utilized artificial intelligence to significantly enhance their operational efficiency when interacting with customers.

Mastercard and the NBA are also harnessing AI to enhance security and transform game analytics, showing just how diverse AI applications can be across industries. We will share more about these companies’ successful use cases in an upcoming blog. Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter!

One standout moment was realizing our company is ahead of the curve by making AI tools accessible to everyone, not just upper management. It feels good to be part of an organization that’s leading the way in this.

The AI Empower summit wasn’t just a learning event; it was a springboard for growth, strategic advancement, and lots of laughs. Despite the knee situation, I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this incredible experience. A big shout-out to the organizing team for a job well done! I’m already looking forward to a reunion—hopefully, next time without the crutch!

AI Empower signage

Thanks again to the Ingram Micro and Microsoft crew and all the engaged attendees for making this summit truly memorable. Here’s to bringing back lots of useful insights and a few new friends!

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